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From your standard shampoo and conditioner, to hair masks, serums, sprays and dyes our hair is our very own fashion accessory and one that we want to keep in prime condition.

I wash my hair every day, which has resulted in my head frantically producing oil and has left me in a situation where washing my hair daily is no longer a choice, but a necessity, unless of course I feel like rocking the unkempt grease ball look!!

Lots of our products today have so many chemicals in that it strips our hair of its natural oils causing our hair follicles to compensate for this by over producing. I’ve often wondered whether a more natural solution might end this vicious cycle so what better place to learn than in a short class on how to create your own.

Before attending the event I booked my place on the website and was sent a confirmation email including the events location and times. The class was held at Queensborough Community Centre which is near Borough tube station in London. It is a really central location but you may require some kind of navigation app to find it.

When I arrived I was greeted at the door by one of the team who checked my name off the list and showed me into the big function room where the tables were laid out with all the equipment needed for the class. The class was quite small which was great as there was more opportunity to ask questions. The class started with a talk from Naz, the co-founder of Midas Touch Crafts, introducing the team and what the class would consist of.

Naz talked about the reasons why the chemicals inside commercial shampoos cause us to wash our hair so often and offered us a few solutions to try at home, one of which completely re-sets this cycle and gets our hair cleaning itself.

We then set to work making our own shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, hair serum and the holy grail of products – Hair gone forever!! Can you imagine being told the magic formula for completely removing those pesky hairs forever without spending a fortune on laser hair removal!!

The following day I received an email from Naz to thank me for attending and a written summery outlying what we had learnt that day and a full list of amounts and ingredients to make these products at home. This was really useful as you could listen without having to write it all down.

I’m yet to try the ‘hair gone forever’ recipe and regime for myself, but it’s certainly exciting!!

Please see the video I created for this class below and visit my blog at www.enlightenmyself.com


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