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Ceramic & Pottery Workshop

February 1, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
welsh borough chapel
90A southwark bridge road se1 0px


Are YOU looking for something new and exciting?

Are YOU looking for something new and exciting? Maybe you want to learn a new hobby? Possibly start a side line business to make some extra money? Is it time to give away thoughtful handmade gifts to loved ones? Join over 8000 others who have booked and attended the Midas Touch Crafts, Crafting REVOLUTION.

Our clients tell us all the time we offer the best crafting workshops in the UK – not to mention the best value.

We are so often told that crafting is one of those magical moments where we lose all stresses and return to a childlike relaxed state – so why not come along and de-stress yourself whilst trying your hand d at a new, exciting, fun craft.

We have worked with Groupon, Wowcher, Amazon, KGB, Grazia, Closer, ITV, Marie Claire, Hobby Craft, Shell, and a large rage of celebrity’s to spread the crafting revolution.


On the fun packed workshop you will make and take home 3 handmade ceramic pieces that you will have handmade and personally decorated!

On this outstandingly popular beginners level course you will be covering the basics of working with air clay. You will learn to wedge, centre and mould. You will be shown ad hen try your hand at all the basic techniques needed for different forms such as cylinders, vases, bowls and platters, jewellery boxes and many more. You will learn how to apply pattern directly to the clay surface and how different hand tools can be used effectively for this purpose. You will also be shown how to effectively paint all the pieces that you make – and the best bit not only do you take home all the knowledge you also take home all the pieces that you make to display and show off to family and friends.

Varieties of clays

How to mould the clay effectively

Correctly decorating the pieces made

A handmade and painted jewelry holder

Handmade and decorated bowl

Understanding how to use and work with the air clay

Successfully taking care of the clay

Working with the hand crafting tools

A keep sake of your choice – new home, wedding, baby arrival – you choose

Health and Safety

How to make several different pieces with the clay

How to finish the pieces for a professional touch

Clay handmade and decorated tea light holder

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