What’s included in the price?

All you need to bring with you is a smile. Be ready for a fun day, full of loads of information and pleasure and learning as well as most importantly learning how to upcycle clothes that you were ready to throw away into this season’s most trendiest pieces.

Price : £119 Per Person

Learn Clothes Customization Workshop at an affordable cost of just £119 per person.

Session Duration 3 Hours

Have 3 hours of real fun, and go out being an expert in Clothes Customization Workshop.

Best Value for Money

Offering Experience Days with a difference that makes a Difference.


Are YOU looking for something new and exciting?

Maybe you want to learn a new hobby? Possibly start a side line business to make some extra money? Is it time to give away thoughtful handmade gifts to loved ones? Join over 8000 others who have booked and attended the Midas Touch Crafts, Crafting REVOLUTION.

Our clients tell us all the time we offer the best crafting workshops in the UK – not to mention the best value.

We are so often told that crafting is one of those magical moments where we lose all stresses and return to a childlike relaxed state – so why not come along and de-stress yourself whilst trying your hand d at a new, exciting, fun craft.


We have worked with Groupon, Wowcher, Amazon, KGB, Grazia, Closer, ITV, Marie Claire, Hobby Craft, Shell, and a large rage of celebrity’s to spread the crafting revolution.

On the fun packed workshop you will upcycle several pieces of clothes that you thought were beyond help. But more importantly you will learn to save money and restore your wardrobe into key fashion pieces.

On this outstandingly popular beginners level course you will be covering the basics of hand sewing, as well as working with different materials and fabrics.

You will turn an old T-shirt a stylish Angel Wings or heart T-Shirt. Handcraft a basic old pair of shorts into festival ready lace vintage one offs.

Try your hand and turning an old bra into a backless, perfectly fitted bra to wear with your favourite sexy backless top or dress.

Why not learn how to take your normal plain flip flops and customise so the trendiest, personalised flip flops on the beach.

We will then learn how to make your very own Kimono to perfectly complete any autumn / winter / spring outfit.

What the Workshop Covers?

Check Below, what you are gonna do in the fun filled 2 hours !!

Working with different fabrics

How to change the fit of a piece of clothing

A backless Bra

Festival / Holiday ready customised Lace Short

Which glues to work with and when

Handcraft pieces to more contemporary styles

Customised personalised Flip Flops

How to correctly cut fabrics

Angel wings or heart back T-shirt

Handmade Kimono

Could you be the next Stella McCarthy?

You will depart the workshop with an incomparable assortment of handmade upcycled clothes to proudly wear and show off, as well as the knowledge and confidence to create countless more.

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Just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and so did lily. I have full intention of attending more. I just wanted to say that I will be recommending you and think the work you do is so great, thanks for a lovely Sunday.

Taylor Katie


Thanks so much for a lovely class

Hi Naz, Thanks so much for such a lovely class my friends and I loved it. So impressed with our new lampshades. When can you please send some notes for this class, we would love to make more lampshades. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Jennifer Leslie


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