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All you need to bring is a smile. Be prepared for a entertaining workshop full of loads of information and fun and learning as well as most importantly learning to take the art of mindfulness and colouring and drawing and marrying them together.

Price : £95 Per Person

Learn Drawing & Coloring Mindfulness Workshop at an affordable cost of just £95 per person.

Session Duration 1.5 Hours

Have 1.5 hours of real fun, and go out being an expert in Drawing & Coloring Mindfulness Workshop.

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Drawing isn’t just about making marks on a page; drawing leads us into a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. Using simple meditation and drawing exercises, discover how an attitude of sincerity and observing can turn drawing into play, into a party of movement, an act of seeing intensely and connecting profoundly with life.

Our fun workshop will help you discover your creativity through mindfulness and drawing. Using simple meditation and drawing exercises, you’ll learn how to move through imaginative blocks caused by over-thinking or self-criticism, and discover how an attitude of self-compassion, openness and awareness turns drawing into release of stress.

What the Workshop Covers?

Check Below, what you are gonna do in the fun filled 2 hours !!

Introduction to Mindful Drawing, including a short sitting meditation

Drawing things: Learning the art of mindful seeing. What drawing and colours actually tell you about your state of mind?

Drawing people: Drawing as a practice of kindness

Mindful drawing exercises to explore our experience of the body and the breath

Exploring spaces: Encountering the world with paper and pen

Final meditation and sharing of experience.

Mindful doodling games

Drawing the hand: Discovering the difference between experiencing and thinking

Benefits of combining Art and Mindfulness

As a group we learn to pay attention and be more aware and awake. This can help us let go of the ‘baggage’ we bring to doing art activities

We notice what is happening in the ever living present moment, in and around ourselves –so that we can feel more alive, present and connected

We discover how to express ourselves creatively in a way which feels authentic for us,rather than trying to create a preconceived idea of ‘good’ art

Mindful colouring and drawing activities can feed us on our journey of personal development, self discovery and self expression.

We will teach methods of how to relax and be aware of what you are actually experiencing in the present moment, uncluttered by thoughts of what you think things look like or being troubled about producing a good image. From this state we will begin to explore creative activities in art.

We welcome everyone on this course, no age restrictions, no experience required at all.

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Just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and so did lily. I have full intention of attending more. I just wanted to say that I will be recommending you and think the work you do is so great, thanks for a lovely Sunday.

Taylor Katie


Thanks so much for a lovely class

Hi Naz, Thanks so much for such a lovely class my friends and I loved it. So impressed with our new lampshades. When can you please send some notes for this class, we would love to make more lampshades. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Jennifer Leslie


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